After Sunset [Restart]

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Indicii: 3d Acţiune Halloween Heroi Impuşcături Jocuri Lupte Monştri Recomandam Timp Violenta Zombies [change]

Descriere: Do you like zombie games? Do you like to shoot them and smash their brains? Then this surviving game is perfect for you. Use all available weapons to kill zombies and survive another day. Use Arrows to Move, X - shoot, Z - alternative weapon.

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  • fr Efehan @ 2013-08-03 23:15:24

    1 piece max a day purely at my diortecisn. So if I am in a bad mood no candy, lol. I also go through and pull out the yucky stuff and put in the trash. Fortunately all the candy that Nadine got was bite size. My nephew got 200 full size candy bars. Now that would take some dealing with.We went to the Farmers Market on Sunday and at each stall Boo was asked if she wanted a piece of candy before she could open her mouth to answer I shouted NO! Yep I am mean.

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