Joking Apart Video Poker

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Descriere: Just another nice video poker game. As usually you can imagine yourself as a rich guy who's spending his money gambling. Place your bets, change your cards and win huge jackpots. If you don't know the rules of poker, just google for them.

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  • us Cansel @ 2013-08-07 08:53:17

    OK here goes. On your way home from school stop by every shop and ask if they need a hpeler, sweeping, posting letter, tidying up, stacking shelves, etc. Do that once a week, till some one takes you on. Failing that, ask around in the neighborhood (leaflets in mailbox?) to wash windows, cars, mow lawns, walk pets, babysit, etc. You only need 170 times $ 5 to get $ 850, you already got $ 100 so you only need 150 times $ 5. You can ask family, friends for $ 2 or $ 5 jobs. Ebay.. You can busk or la

  • fr Jheniffer @ 2013-08-04 21:42:58

    I'm glad to hear/see your run good in continuing. As far as your hand in the 45, I know what you are sinayg. I have been playing these a ton lately, and just when I think I've seen it all, I see something else amazing.I hope 2010 can be a HUGE year for the PokerWorks family. Despite running like crap right now I still have confidence that the upcoming year will be my best poker year yet. I'd like to have my whole PW team follow me!

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